NFL Media Has an Agenda to Keep the Cleveland Browns Down

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Source Have people within the Cleveland Browns organization already lost faith in Robert Griffin III? Do NFL sources believe the quarterback can change his style of play? Do they think the former No. 2 overall draft pick should start for Cleveland when he returns from injury?

Absolute insanity. One game into the season and we already have a witch hunt for Cleveland Browns QB, Robert Griffin III’s, job. Evidently everyone within the Browns organization lost all respect for RG3 after a shaky performance and a dumb play where he ran into a safety and sprained his shoulder enough to force him out for an extended period of time.

In the most shocking news of all time, this team is bad. The offense has weapons few and far between. Isaiah Crowell is bad. Corey Coleman is a growing rookie. Terrelle Pryor is an ex-QB turned number 1 receiver. The offensive line has one and half anchors. The defense is super young and will give no help. Blaming RG3 for this game is crazy to me. He’s still developing chemistry with everyone. Rome wasn’t built in a day, folks. We saw bad drops, bad throws, just a sloppy game overall. Get used to that, it will be a LONG season for us here in Cleveland watching these guys from the shores of Lake Erie.

Asking RG3 to be solely a pocket passer is idiotic. Why would you cripple a guy who can run the football? Would you ask a fighter to stop punching dudes if he breaks his hand? Hell no. Don’t limit your players in anyway. Work with them on playing smarter. Obviously Griffin has had problems in his career staying healthy. He has ALWAYS had problems sliding to avoid contact which is why he has been injured virtually every year of his career. Send him to Spring Training in February with future World Series Champions, the Cleveland Indians, to get a crash course on proper sliding technique. Problem solved.

Now to the real meat and potatoes of this. Why is this a story already? This is almost worse than the Saint Louis writer who is already calling Jared Goff a bust. It is far too early in the season for these scorching hawt taeks. Everyone wants to keep the Browns deep down in the cellar. The one thing people hate the most is change. The one thing people love the most it is making fun of the Cleveland Browns and their miserable organization. Despite the atrocious product we will see on the field in 2016, this team is clearly headed in the right direction. The front office is doing a fantastic job of getting rid of players they don’t want around anymore while also stock piling what feels like hundreds of draft picks. The coaching staff is playing their young guns and testing who belongs on the team. But it will be stories like these that hold the team back from taking major strides. Rumblings like this can divide an organization. Players turn their back on ownership for being mouthy to the media and vice versa. It always feels like there is a mole on the inside trying to keep everyone down. Bad news for everyone. Distractions like this are never good for anyone.

Picking on the Browns is such low hanging fruit that I get genuinely angry at this point. Such an easy “story” and everyone buys into it to laugh at us Browns die hard fans. Quite frankly, I am sick of it. Either the Browns are the most dysfunctional franchise in sports history and only these stories always happen to them (which is very plausible) or the media just likes to single out the Browns and keep them down. I wouldn’t be shocked if that was the case.

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