NBA Free Agency Day 2: The Madness Continues


Another day, another dollar. While far fewer players got signed and paid then on July 1, there were certainly some big names going to greener pastures. The KD saga still rolls on but looks to be coming to a close. Durant met with the Spurs on Saturday for around 2 and a half hours, LaMarcus Aldridge and Gregg Popovich were both in attendance for the meeting but it looks like Durant won’t be playing in San Antonio next season. Durant’s second meeting today was with the Boston Celtics. This meeting had some star power to it as Isaiah Thomas, Brad Stevens, Danny Ainge, Jae Crowder, Kelly Olynyk and Tom Brady (yes TOM BRADY) were representing the Celtics. Apparently, Kevin Durant flew into Boston last night then flew to the Hamptons this morning on a private jet with Tom Brady, so this goes to show you how bad the Celtics want Durant in a green uniform next year (on a side note, Danny Ainge wore Kevin Durant’s signature sneakers to the meeting, man the Celtics want Durant badly). Let’s take a step away from the Durant news and look at all the signings that went down today.

Al Horford: 4 years/$113M deal with the Boston Celtics

Joe Johnson: 2 years/$22M deal with the Utah Jazz

Luol Deng: 4 years/$72M deal with the Los Angeles Lakers

John Leuer: 4 years/$42M deal with the Detroit Pistons

Aaron Afflalo: 2 years/$25M deal with the Sacramento Kings

Bismack Biyombo: 4 years/$70M deal with the Orlando Magic

Trevor Booker: 2 years/$18M deal with the Brooklyn Nets

Ryan Anderson: 4 years/$80M deal with the Houston Rockets

Marvin Williams: 4 years/$54.5M deal with the Charlotte Hornets

Courtney Lee: 4 years/$50M deal with the New York Knicks

Harrison Barnes: signed 4 year/$94M offer sheet with the Dallas Mavericks

Austin Rivers: 3 years/$35M deal with the Los Angeles Clippers

Eric Gordon: 4 years/$53M deal with the Houston Rockets

Ian Mahinmi: 4 years/$64M deal with the Washington Wizards

So as I said, there were more signings yesterday than today but there were certainly some big notable names that joined new teams. The Celtics had their biggest free agent signing to date when they scooped up Al Horford. Horford gives the Celtics some much needed help down low, and it will be interesting to see how he plays on the team this year especially since he spreads the floor. The Clippers re-signing Austin Rivers eliminates them from the KD sweepstakes because they now don’t have enough cap space. Good move Clips! The Knicks may have found their starting shooting guard today; the Courtney Lee signing fills out the potential starting five along with Rose, Carmelo, Noah, and Kristaps. The Warriors will have to match the Mavs offer sheet to Harrison Barnes if they want him back next year. It probably will not happen considering how much Barnes is getting paid. Some good things came out of today’s signings and it will be interesting to see how this next week plays out. Wade, Nowitzki, and Durant remain the big three names still available but based on what happened today, it is expected we get an answer from Durant within the next 24-36 hours.

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