NBA Drops the Ball: Doesn’t Suspend Draymond Green

In a bit of surprising news, the NBA has decided to refrain from suspending Warriors’ forward Draymond Green for his vicious dick kick on Steven Adams in game 3.

For those of you who have been under a rock, here is a clip of the play in question.

Many people think this is just accidental, others think it is intentional. From my perspective, once Draymond jumps and loses the ball you can clearly see him forcefully move his leg in the direction of Adams’ baby maker. Green only faced a Flagrant 1 foul as a punishment. He should have been ejected (it would have prevented him from having his worst playoff game in his career) and suspended for the upcoming game.

image via @_segungiwa

image via @_segungiwa

I do not understand how the NBA can justify this as “incidental contact.” When you watch the replay, you can obviously see Green’s leg accelerate into the nether region. AND if you look at his eyes, you can see him looking down to make sure he made contact with Adams and his testicles.



The NBA is showing preferential treatment to the NBA’s best team. Adam Silver knows the Western Conference Finals need to be compelling and probably go the full seven games since the Cavaliers and Raptors will more than likely end in five. This suspension was held because of Draymond’s impact on the Warriors. Despite my hatred for him, he is undeniably a great player in this league. Without him, the Warriors are half the team they are.