Dabo’s NBA Trade Deadline: Part One

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It’s one of the best times of the NBA season. We will be looking at few names that have been in the rumor mill and will also look at a few surprise names that could move as the trade deadline approaches.

Likely to Be Traded:

Ricky Rubio – Averaging career-low in shot attempts the Wolves seem desperate in wanting to get rid of Rubio and turn over the starting point guard duties to rookie Kris Dunn. Hard to say what team he would fit in with at this point of his career being that he hasn’t developed a reliable shot and doesn’t have the mentality to even look to score most games, but his playmaking ability is something that quite a few teams desire so he will have suitors.

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Kenneth Faried – Faried’s name has been on the trade market for the last few years since he signed that 4-year extension with the Nuggets. The nuggets seem to have a logjam in their frontcourt with Jokic, Nurkic, Gallinari, Chandler, and Faried, but Jokic seems to be their future at center. Gallinari and Chandler are both stretch 4’s so it would seem that Faried and Nurkic are the odd men out. Faried’s value on the trade market has been debated, but Faried is a high-energy rebounder that can run the floor exceptionally well. Could fit with teams like the Rockets, Suns, or maybe even the Timberwolves.


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Shabazz Muhammed – The market for Muhammed isn’t exactly booming at all. Minnesota has basically thrown him in as a slight sweetener for anyone that takes Ricky Rubio. Muhammed’s play can be very erratic, on one hand, he has shown the ability to be a good scorer, on the other hand, he does have a knack for forcing some very bad shots, which has been a knock on him since his days at UCLA. Muhammed is averaging almost 9 pts in 19 mins so maybe off the bench with a few solid vets to guide the 24-year-old, he can be scoring spark off the bench.


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Wilson Chandler – Chandler wants, reportedly, wants out of Denver and their rebuilding project which is understandable. The 29-year-old forward can be a big player for a playoff contender and even a championship contender where he can provide a valuable scoring off the bench as he currently doing in Denver right now playing 30 minutes and averaging 15 points and almost 7 rebounds a game. Could easily fit in with teams like the Houston Rockets, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Boston Celtics just to name few. He should be one of the more interesting names to watch.

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Jahlil Okafor/Nerlens Noel – This has been one of the biggest lingering questions since Joel Embiid has been back, who stays and who goes? Now Noel is the guy that most teams prefer and for a good reason, he can protect the rim and in this league, that is very valuable and something that is widely known that Okafor doesn’t really do a good job at. On the flip side, Okafor is the far superior offensive player and we’ve been able to see it since he was drafted, the only knocks on him are his lack of defense and not being that great of a rebounder for his size. Nonetheless, both can help a team right now. Noel, who at first had fallen out of the graces of the sixers front office after being very vocal about his lack of playing time and the big man logjam, has seemed to be back in good with front office thanks to a vocal backing from Embiid, and while the sixers do obviously have a big man log jam it’s not the worst problem to have considering the talent at center that they have. This will be something to watch in the coming weeks, particularly being that Ben Simmons is set to return soon.

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