2017 Honda NHL All-Star Weekend Preview

Photo Courtesy: sportsvideo.org

The stars of the National Hockey League are heading westward to Los Angeles. They will be competing in the 2017 Honda NHL All-Star Weekend. The NHL All-Star Skills Competition will be on Saturday Night and then The All-Star Game on Sunday. Let’s take a look at the festivities for All-Star Weekend.

First a look at the 4 All-Star Teams.

The Atlantic Division All-Stars:

Photo Courtesy: NHL.com

The Metropolitan Division All-Stars:

Photo Courtesy: NHL.com

The Central Division All-Stars:

Photo Courtesy: NHL.com

The Pacific Division All-Stars:

Photo Courtesy: NHL.com

The Team Captains:

Carey Price of the Atlantic Division,
P.K. Subban of the Central Division,
Sidney Crosby of the Metropolitan Division
Connor McDavid of the Pacific Division

Let’s now get into the weekend itself. We start with the NHL All-Star Skills Competition consisting of six events to test player skills in the certain area. The six event that will make up this competition are as follows:

Gatorade NHL Skills Challenge Relay: This is a timed relay event involving 7 skaters and 1 goalies from each team. They will consist of four relays with five challenges each: 1-Timers, Passing, Puck Control, Stick Handling and Goalie Goal. The goal is to finish all five challenges faster than the opponent.

Honda NHL Four Line Challenge Contest: Players will try to hit targets in the net from the closest blue line, center ice, the far blue line and then the opposite goal line. Goalies will be offered the chance to try from the farthest distance, with more points available if they can do it.

DraftKings NHL Accuracy Shooting Contest: 4 shooters from each team will participate 1 per round, with 2 additional players serving as passers. The object of this event is to hit 4 – 15-inch diameter targets located in each corner of the net. The teams will be situated at opposite ends of the rink and will alternate attempts. The first shooter to hit all four targets wins!

Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater Contest: 4 players from each team will test their speed, facing off against an opponent in a two-skater race with the fastest overall time winning. The skater with the fastest time in the head-to-head match-ups will skate a full lap of the outside border of the rink, in the direction of their choosing, in an attempt to break the event record that is owned by Dylan Larkin of the Red Wings. In the case of a tie, the two tying skaters will skate a lap to attempt to break the record.

Oscar Mayer NHL Hardest Shot Contest: 1 player from each team will have 2 shots from 30 feet away, with the highest speed being recorded. The Player with the highest speed shot wins.

Discover NHL Shootout: 18 skaters and 3 goaltenders from each team will participate in the three-round shootout. During each two-minute round, six skaters and one goalie from each team will take the ice. The teams will alternate after each shot with each player having a maximum of 10 seconds to take a shot. Players one and three from each team will be designated Discover puck players, each goal scored by these players will count as two points. NHL shootout rules apply to each scoring attempt.

Now for the NHL All-Star Game Semifinal Tournament;

It’ll be like last year’s format Central vs Pacific and Atlantic vs Metropolitan with the winners moving on the Championship game.

The Games will be one 20-minutes period, with the teams changing ends at the 10-minute mark of each game. If we have games that are tied after 20 minutes will be decided by the shootout.

The winning team gets that winner-take-all $1 million dollar prize and the bragging right as well. The Pacific Division won it all last year in Nashville.

It figures to be quite the weekend for the NHL and Hockey fans all over the Hockey world. As we join together to celebrate the biggest name in the game in a city know for big names and big stars. This is your 2017 Honda NHL All-Star Weekend!

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